From the time she started doing marbled printing, Katherine Radcliffe has recognized  the potential for applications of  marbling in fine art.  Her experiments with the medium extend to drawings, collages, wall hangings and etchings in which marbling is incorporated as an important feature in the images. A limited  sampling is shown here. Click on images below to enlarge.

New Marbled Prints

As an admirer of  the  Favrile glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the artist  has tried to approximate the look of that glass in her most recent marbled papers.  Shown here are some examples, including those done to resemble peacock feathers that appear in Tiffany’s Favrile vases, along with other one-of-a-kind marbled prints.          Click on images below to enlarge

Peacock s
Turquoise s
Peacock feather  s
Fantasy s
Green Brown s

Drawings, Collages, and Wall Hangings

Portrait of India s

Portrait of India                  18” x 24” Charcoal  on oil marbled paper

The Star
Floating Figure s
The Queen s

The Star      Oil pastel on oil marbled paper      11”x13”

Queen             Collage          11”x14”

Detail from Floating Figure                          11”x15”   Oil pastel on oil marbled paper

State of Mind Friendly Beast s02
State of Mind Calm Small

State o f Mind Calm                                 20” x 23”        Etching on oil marbled paper - collage                          

State of Mind Imagination- Friendly Beast  Pencil  on oil marbled paper        30”x32”

State of Mind Chaos s02

State of Mind Chaos                                  20”x23”  Etchings on oil marbled paper - collage 

Mendhi Hand
Detail of Ochre wall hanging

Detail from Wall Hanging-Islands of Color       11”x40”   Oil Marbled Silk      

Finely combed pattern cropped
Yellow green

Mendhi Hand               11”x15”    Acrylic painting on marbled silk 

                            For information about any art work on this page, e-mail k-art@kradcliffeart.com

Peacock 4 s03
Gold peacock s 1
Gold peacock b 1




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