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During  trips to Morocco Katherine Radcliffe became interested in Mendhi, which are finely drawn geometric or floral designs of henna paste, done especially on the hands and feet of  brides before their wedding ceremonies.  Substituting fluid acrylic paints for henna paste, the artist learned the skill of painting thin lines and dots of color by applying the paint through narrow openings in specially designed paint bottles.  Experiments combining the mediums of marbling with fine line painting resulted in a series of paintings on marbled backgrounds.  Shown here are a select few from the series.

ILLUMINANT IMAGES - Paintings on Silk

Cathedral Memory, 34” x 34

Arabic Glow, 30” x 30”

Arabic Glow, detail

Circle of Creation, detail

Circle of Creation, 34” x 34”

Luminescent Peacock, 34” x 34”

Luminescent Peacock, detail

Radiant Burst, 20” x 23”

Radiant Burst Detail

Remembering Tibet 30” x 30”

Remembering Tibet Detail

PAINTINGS ON MARBLED PAPER - Click on images below to enlarge

Silk is the most effective surface for these paintings, as it reflects the lustrous colors and light essential to the impact of the finished piece.  The basic structure for each image was a mandala, signifying unity and wholeness,  with different ethnic, multicultural,  or religious features influencing the finished work of art.  These paintings suggest icons, illuminated manuscripts, or gold tooled designs found on rare books, and resemble large illuminations. The originals convey a  strong sense of spirituality, inviting the viewer to contemplate their meditative qualities. The intricate detail involved in the production of each painting required time and patience, requiring  months to complete. Digital images do not do justice to the luminosity, dimensional aspects, and richness of the originals.

Astral Energy , 31” x 28”

Lunar Eclipse, 17” x 17”e

Buddhist Centered, 17” x 17”  SOLD

Lotus Mandala, 14” x 14”

Tibetan Wheel, 14” x 14”

Cathedral Window, Detail

Burgundy Star, 30” x 40”    SOLD

Astral Energy b02
Lunar Eclipse a03
Buddhist Centered B03
Lotus a02
Tibetan wheel a03
Detail Cathedral Window a

Seed to Vine, 16” x 16

Cathedral Memory, detail

Cathedral Memory S
Cathedral Memory detail S02
Arabic Glow S
Arabic Glow Detail S
Luminescent Peacock S
Iridescent Peacock Detail S02
Circle of Creation Detail S
Circle of Creation S02
Remembering Tibet S
Remembering Tibet Detail S
Radiant Burst S
Radiant Burst Detail S
Malachite Gold S
Lapis Gold S

Malachite with Gold, 14” x 14”

Red with Gold, 16” x 16”

Red Gold S

Lapis Blue with Gold, 14” x 14”     SOLD

Eye of Creation a03

Eye of Creation, 16” x 16”       SOLD

Burgundy Star la
seed to vine b

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