Trips to Morocco stimulated Katherine’s interest in mendhi, which is the art of drawing temporary tatoos of intricate linear geometric or floral designs, with thin henna paste.  Substituting fluid acrylic paints for henna paste,  lines and dots of color are applied by squeezing the paints through narrow metal tips placed on the ends of small plastic bottles fitted for that purpose.  Radcliffe  first used the technique to decorate silk scarves, examples of which are shown below. 

applying paints03
Group 1

A small selection of student marbled prints done on paper or fabric during workshops are shown below:

scarves 03
Peacock Blue04
scarf end03

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floating paints CQ
Prints on the wall CQ
March CQ print02
March CQ prints on table02
CC print
CQ b June prints web
CQ e June Suminagashi
CQ March combed02
CQ s June Unique Suminagashi
Graceful Curves Navy03
Festive 3
scarves three
wave in blue
double print
Blue Lavendar swirls
Lavendar Aqua

 Katherine Radcliffe has taught or demonstrated marbled printing in many museums and art center.  Among some are The Smithsonian Resident Associates Program, Washington, DC; The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD;  the Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York, NY; and Dieu Donne, New York, NY.  She has taught numerous workshops at The Creative Center, Arts in Healthcare, New York, NY, which is a non-profit that offers free workshops to cancer patients and those with serious illnesses,   She also taught many workshops at the now closed, The City Quilter.  While the artist has no scheduled workshops at this time, any future ones will be listed on the Events page.

Marbled printing is often referred to as “magical”, with  elements of surprise and discovery adding to the joy of the process.  In  Katherine Radcliffe’s  marbled printing workshops, participants  experience some of that magic  as they develop their own personal marbling style.  The emphasis is on discovery and free flowing creation rather than duplicating historical patterns.  To learn   more about marbling, go to About Marbled Printing  Examples below are acrylic marbled patterns done by the artist, of the kind that workshop students can learn to print.                                                                                                                                             

JPEG Image (1068516)a02
blue turquoise gold
green waves
Bouquet orange
Flame a03




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